Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tools for Tutors Found around the Web

Hello!  Today's post features "Tools for Tutors that I found around the web!"

There are many bloggers out there that share their ideas freely.  Some of them are really good and I want to share them with you!

Today's Feature Blog is:

Teaching in Room 6

Teaching in Room 6

One of my favorite Simplifying Fractions Activities!

Click Here
Simplifying Fractions

I had some time to read the blog and try out some of the suggested activities with a client.  I had a client struggling with the traditional method of finding fractions.  Stephanie's suggestion and model helped my client to better understand the process and become better at the process!  Honestly, it was a life saver!

 I am really impressed with the knowledge and details of the blog.  Please check out Stephanie's Site.  It's definitely worth the time!

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