Sunday, February 9, 2014


A Little Bit About Me

What's up, Everyone!!!  My name is Randall and I'd like to welcome you to my blog for tutors.  This site is dedicated to all the individual tutors out there trying to "make it happen".  Whether you're trying to make a buck or trying to help a child succeed academically, I hope you find the resources that you need.

Tutoring is fun and rewarding.  You may even make a small profit if you plan things just right!  It's also time consuming, tough, and can present many challenges.  I find tutoring to be a lot of fun when I work with energetic clients.  It's rewarding when you see the changes in their report cards.  The cash...well it's nice.  

I'm sure that, at some point or another, you've found it difficult to find resources that matched your client's needs.  Many of the resources that could help are usually vague or require a high degree of monetary investment without knowing if it will work.  While I understand the need for prices, it makes it tough on us tutors.  Again, let me remind everyone that I'm all about getting what's due to you!  

My purpose for this blog is to  provide a resource for the tutors out there that want to get better at what they do.  Sometimes I'll charge (after all, I'm going to have to pay to host my podcast and stuff!), sometimes it'll be free.  What I'm offering you is a no gimmick blog that helps you (and me) get better at what we do.

Let's start with a few basics.  I'm a teacher and a tutor.  There's a big difference there.  Tutors individualize instruction to the students, while a teacher delivers instruction to a group of individuals.  I've held multiple roles in the public school system giving me experience with individual, small group, and whole-group settings. My specialty is math, but I've  experience in other subjects.  While I like to focus my sessions on math, I will work on any subject that a client wishes.  That includes working on developing habits that lead to academic success.

I'd also like to address another subject.  Tutor's provide a service and should be compensated appropriately. That means money for your time and efforts.  Never underestimate your impact on a client.  I believe that tutor's provide a level of instruction and should be compensated both for their times and the tools they create. 

The knowledge that I share on this site is for everybody.  I do not claim to take ownership - I wouldn't share it for free if I didn't want to!  


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