Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Legalities & Business: The Need for a Contract

Legalities & Business:  The Need for a Contract
Judge Judy is one of my favorite T.V. judges.  She treats people horribly and people let her.  Whatever the issue is, it's typically under $5,000.  It doesn't seem worth it to me.  One of the most common things I hear her say is "Did you get it in writing?" and "Did you have a contract" or a "Bill of Sale".  She's asked this question in many different forms while mocking the individual for failing to have it.

A contract is your first line of defense in the tutoring world.  It lays the ground rules by which you and your client will operate from.

Here are some examples of tutoring contracts:

Tutoring Contract #1
Tutoring Contract #2
Tutoring Contract #3
Tutoring Contract #4
Tutoring Contract #5

So there you have it!  5 Examples that you can use, modify, or model from.  You have no excuse!  Look, even with friends that I tutor, I still have them fill out a contract...just in case.  So some of you might be thinking..."I'll just let it go and not work with them anymore.  That's the end of that!"  Think again!  You might let it go, but you're client might not.

*I didn't create these contracts.  As with all items related to the legal issues of your business, you should always get items checked out by a trusted lawyer.

Here's how important Contracts are:

Student Sinks Miraculous Shot, Celebrates, and loses $10,000 

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