Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday What's in my "Tutor's Gig" Bag?

Hi Everyone!

I knew that when finished the Tutor's Gig Bag I had left some things out.  I listed my ten most important.
Yesterday, I added a few more things.  While they're not essential, they are very helpful

In the first picture I have 3 items.  The first is multi-colored pens.  This is very helpful for me when I'm explaining concepts to students.  The second item are paper clips.  Third, is the little box that I got them in.  I got the box and the paper clips at Staples for only $1.00 on clearance.  Staples and Office Depot always have a clearance section...I always find awesome deals on awesome teacher/tutor items.

The fourth item is "card stock" Paper.  I got a multi-colored pack with about 150 sheets (I think) for $9.99.  I use these for foldables with my clients that are hands-on learners.  Parents love these by the way!

So those are my add-ons for this post.  I think I'll continue to post on Friday - What's in my "Tutor's Gig" Bag?

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